XPRO is a single source of truth that automates supplier information management.

Flexible solutions cleanse supplier master data, conduct AP invoice audit and recovery, provide real-time onboarding and verification, and enhance payment process/methods. We leverage cutting edge API integration to any ERP system or RPA process to quickly and effectively enhance your supplier management efforts. XPRO is both proven and referenceable in helping to streamline and automate supplier management through a singular platform for data enrichment, payment enhancement, and loss and risk prevention.


 5 Award Winning Solutions, One Cloud-Based Ecosystem

AP Manager, Fortune 500 Retail

"The XPRO system is easy to navigate and allows me to track the audit progress at any time. The audit team is thorough and pleasant to work with.  We continue to choose XPRO as our trusted partner because their service is unmatched."

AP Manager, Fortune 1000 Retail

"You know you've chosen the right audit company when your vendors are telling you how easy the audit was and how friendly the team is."

Director of Finance, Fortune 1000 Telecom

"Doing this Profit Recovery Audit was a task that needed to be done and with XPRO help we were able to recoup close to $800K in funds that we would have lost. Your staff at Xpro was professional in dealing with our clients. The process was smooth and your dashboard was easy to follow and track our recoveries."

AP Manager, Fortune 1000 Manufacturing

"XPRO exceeded our expectations in all areas.  They completed the audit extremely fast, recovered a significant amount of money and helped our team understand our control gaps."

Finance Director, Fortune 500 Services

"XPRO is by far the most advanced and user-friendly audit system I've used."

VP of Procurement, Fortune 1000 Oil & Gas

"XPRO delivered and implemented a fully customized vendor portal in under 90 days. The staff have been very professional and easy to work with. They are very knowledgeable and have shown they are leaders in creating Procurement solutions. "


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