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Frequently asked questions

What is a Profit Recovery Review?

A Profit Recovery Review is a historic review of your disbursement transactions and the underlying AP data to identify overpayments and errors and the recovery of those funds to you. Our Profit Recovery Reviews also include a root cause analysis of each of the overpayments and errors and a master vendor data cleanse so that you can improve your processes to prevent these errors and overpayments from occurring.

How much do you recover in a typical Profit Recovery Review?

Our team typically identifies and recovers .1% of your company’s annual spend. This amount can be much more depending on a number of variables.

How much does a Profit Recovery Review cost?

We have the most competitive pricing for profit recovery reviews because we utilize our trusted technology to complete a large portion of the review, which significantly reduces the manpower typically needed during the audit process. Our contingency fee pricing also includes a full root cause analysis report and vendor data cleansing. After completing the profit recovery review questionnaire our team will be able to create a pricing model specific to your company

How long does a Profit Recovery Review take?

Our Profit Recovery process typically takes 3 to 12 weeks, depending on the company size.

Are you able to deal with international vendors?

Yes, our team will work with international vendors, we have a 24/5 support.

Will I be able to track the progress of the audit?

You can access your custom dashboard for any progress. We will also establish a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly call based on your availability.

What type of reports do you provide?

You will have access to custom claims reports, audit completion reporting, and root cause analysis reports.

What data do you need?

We require your AP history and vendor master data

How do we deliver the necessary data?

There are multiple ways to pull your data ranging from prewritten scripts to a full data dump to our data team having remote access to pull your data. We will work with whatever process works best for your team.

How much time will this process require from my team?

We try to reduce the amount of time needed from your team. We don’t want to interrupt your daily routines and current projects. The amount of time needed typically ranges from 3 hours to 8 hours from start to finish..