Every XPRO team-member is focused, passionate and performance-driven, committed to delivering on ambitious goals for us and our customers. We are building a great place to work where we live our values every minute of every day. We have a growth mindset and continually seek new approaches in the evolving world of fintech to achieve better results for our clients. We are obsessed with continually raising the bar and winning together.


Osama is the Chief of Everything and visionnaire behind the creation & development of the XPRO solution suite. With nearly two decades of industry expertise and always keeping an eye on the future of fintech evolution, Osama is obsessed with customer success and leads the XPRO team to deliver exceptional ROI for each and every customer.

Junior has over a decade of expertise working with Top 100 clients in the space of procure-2-pay, and software delivery. Customer success is his mission critical priority, and he leads a large team of highly skilled developers, business consultants and engineers.  This team ensures that customers are onboarded, trained, and then supported through every phase of the solution implementation.

Devin Noonan is a strategic growth leader with over a decade of experience supporting senior level executives and leading dynamic sales teams. Devin and his team develop an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs, aligning custom tailored solutions which drive transformational results.