Vendor Management Automated

All-Encompassing Ecosystem 

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Vendor management automated

XPROportal is at the heart of your fully customized cloud-based vendor management and procure-2-pay ecosystem, tailored to your organization’s every need and is fully functional in your environment in under 30 days.


XPROportal enables you to manage your network of vendors, verify and onboard new vendors, initiate payments, share documentation, manage all aspects of your P2P process and securely communicate with your vendors, all through this one cloud-based solution. 


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XPROportal enables you to manage your entire network of vendors, keeping vendor information current and accurate, verifying vendor data, collecting required documentation and allowing you to communicate with your vendors securely and quickly, all through your portal. XPROportal also provides your vendors with a single interface to update information, upload documents, and communicate with directly with you. With all vendor interactions captured in one single portal, it is so easy to reference all communications, data and documents. The XPROportal is totally secure, allowing you and your vendors to safely share the confidential information.


All of the XPROfintech cloud-based solutions are modular by design, technology-agnostic and fully compatible with any of your current ERP or machine-learning systems and procure-2-pay processes. Our implementation team easily integrate each of the XPROfintech modules to your internal infrastructure with no disruption to your existing procurement workflows.


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