Profit Recovery Simplified

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Profit Recovery Simplified

XPROrecovery is a cloud-based profit recovery solution, custom-configured to automatically identify and then recover your lost profit through a simple 9 step process. The XPROrecovery solution effortlessly audits hundreds of thousands of transactions and instantly identifies erroneous vendor overpayments. The XPROrecovery solution autonomously initiates and then manages the entire workflow process to validate, approve and recover your lost profits. Reports are tailored to your requirements and populated in your dashboard, all in real-time.




Our team collaborates with you to obtain your vendor and payment data. We provide scripts and data schemes for most ERP systems to gather your Vendor and AP data sets.

Profit recovery, historically also known as  the 'post-audit', is the systematic process of analyzing disbursement transactions, together with the related data, to identify and recover any overpayments to vendor suppliers, irrespective of the amount. Organizations today remain diligently focused on improving bottom-line performance and XPROrecovery cloud-based solution always exceed expectations - this is your opportunity to implement a financial best-practice to enhance your organization's fiscal performance.


Our existing customers tell us that that the XPROrecovery automated profit-recovery process very quickly identifies overpayments totaling as much as .3% of their total annual expenditure, in some cases amounting to millions of dollars recovered and added back directly to their bottom-line!


The are many reasons for these erroneous overpayments, which could include:


• The complexity and time taken to monitor high transactional volumes

• Multiple disparate internal systems not accurately communicating with each other

• Master vendor database inaccuracies - see XPROvmc

• Product returns  inaccurately logged in your systems

• Data-entry errors through manual processes

• Vendor-coding errors


All of these are automatically identified dur​ing the XPROrecovery process and each step of the process is easily monitored through your customized cloud-based XPROportal.



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