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Vendor Master Cleansed

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Vendor Master Cleansed

XPROvmc provides an intuitive cloud-based data cleansing process, continually delivering clean, accurate and up-to-date vendor data. XPROvmc will improve your operational efficiencies, strengthen relationships with your vendors and eliminate resource-intensive deficiencies in your procure-2-pay processes. 


Maintaining a clean, accurate and up-to-date vendor database is critical to procurement functions, accounts payable departments and all other businesses operations. Not only does a clean database improve operational efficiency, but inaccurate and duplicated data can cost you hard-earned profit, negatively impact relationships with your vendors, waste time and potentially even damage your brand. It is time-consuming, risky, costly and unnecessary to navigate through cluttered and out-of-date vendor information. Data cleansing has numerous benefits and ensures that you have all the necessary tools and information to make important business decisions regarding your vendors, helps identify weaknesses in your processes and streamlines operations.


With the focus on moving to machine learning, it is all about training and feeding accurate data to algorithms which then perform various processor intensive tasks. However, our customers are telling us that they typically face challenges in feeding the right data to machine learning algorithms or with the cleansing of inaccurate and error-prone data. We know that when it comes to utilizing machine-learning data, the majority of time is wasted on cleaning datasets or recreating error-free datasets. Establishing a quality plan, filling missing values, removing rows and reducing data size are just some of the best practices used for data cleaning in machine learning but this quickly becomes excessively labor-intensive.


Clean data in machine learning is viewed as the new oil in many organizations, and different methods are being utilized to collect, store and analyze the data. However, data must be refined before it can be used for machine learning and one of the biggest challenges when it comes to utilizing machine learning data is data cleansing.


XPROvmc does all of this, and more - instantly, accurately and intuitively!


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